This website is about helping local businesses in the Dallas Fort Worth, and North Texas & East Texas regions, better understand the dynamics behind website design.  Many businesses have incorrect expectations (e.g. that the phone will ring immediately) or are focused on the wrong topics (aesthetics versus function).

This site will help explain forces behind what is visible to the general public and help keep businesses focused on the greater outcomes:

  • increasing new business from brand new prospects who were not referred in any way
  • avenues to generate new business through “digital” referrals
  • compliance with state and/or national regulatory agencies
  • content either on the website (or NOT on the website!) for legal protection purposes
  • new revenue generation from non-traditional means via the website
  • integration with social properties, not just regular social media (e.g. Twitter & Facebook)
  • much more

Please contact us with your ideas for topics or problems you face regarding your website & marketing.  If we can address them in a future post then we will do so.

Thanks for reading our content, and we hope that you find it to be beneficial in some manner.

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