What If The Phone Doesn’t Ring?

That question is one which scares many business owners in the DFW area.  They spend money on all forms of advertising but such expenditures often are wasted in many ways.  Some of these include:

  • spending money in local magazines which are not read or trusted by the business’ target audience
  • overspending on pay per click (any version of paid online ads) and not understanding the numbers to generate a ROI
  • not having any “calls to action” on websites
  • poorly-designed websites which “break” on mobile devices such as iPads, Android phones, iPhones and the like
  • incorrect information
  • not offering any benefits to the website visitor


All of this translates to a possible “panic” mindset in the business owner.  Such a state of mind can lead to a “downward spiral” where he/she will take irrational actions, “grasping at straws” and acting from a state of desperation instead of intelligent action.

Here are some steps taken by local Dallas Fort Worth businesses (or other areas of Texas) in recent years which increased the traffic flow and, ultimately, led to new business in terms of phone calls, e-mails or walk-ins.

  • A boxing and MMA gym in Irving wanted to reach more prospective trainees from Dallas, Coppell, Addison and Farmers Branch/Carrollton.  They added a multimedia page which embedded YouTube videos showing what a typical class would be like.
  • This landscaper near McKinney made city-specific pages for the communities where he would like more commercial, office, retail and church landscaping business.  Over time he has to add Schema, hCard, KML or other mobile-friendly and HTML5-friendly coding plus more images & testimonials/reviews, especially on those new pages.  Doing so may help him get more phone calls from those areas.
  • This retailer of specialty meats added the “free shipping” graphic right in the center of the upper section of the home page.  The company also started adding a “Recipes” section which, if content is added over time, can become a resource which gets shared by many.  The website’s architecture has some SEO challenges and social sharing challenges, so they will have to rely more on 3rd party testimonials with a link to the website in order to boost sales versus other options
  • A print broker in Highland Village, offering discounts and specialty service on print materials like direct mail pieces and high-volume business cards, designed a website which had several challenges in terms of being read by the search engines.  He needed a 3rd party website to boost exposure in the towns where he wants to concentrate.  This is a beginning step, but much more is needed to help him increase his phone to ring as it currently is a “pure SEO play” versus integrated with social, pay-per-click, classified, e-mail or other online marketing/advertising methods
  • A member of an auto dealership in Richardson, offering help to those with credit challenges, needs his phone to ring with more people who are dealing with credit issues yet still need a car.  He started adding blog content by educating the audience about “assets” that they didn’t realize could help them qualify for auto financing.  Paid advertising to this blog post should help him further and likely increase the number of application forms being filled out
  • This Addison-based marketer for credit card processing and merchant account services has a pretty extensive suite of benefits.  Over time it will use county-specific pages for content which “talks” specifically to businesses across the state of Texas.  Each page, however, must emphasize the benefits that the company offers over other companies in this ultra-competitive landscape both from a search engine as well as “real world” perspective.  Pay per click costs are expensive in this market, so reducing surcharges and/or “talking” to the business owners in those towns with hyper-targeted content (per county) may help increase people asking for more information.
  • This furniture repair professional is based on the eastern part of Rockwall County, but offers free pickup & delivery for furniture repair and antique restoration/refinishing.  Most people in the area don’t know he exists and he used a “canned” web hosting which reduced his search engine flexibility nor offered him much chances for designing landing pages for paid ads.  He also significantly overpaid for his PPC costs and couldn’t get enough traffic to justify the ad spending ROI.  Here is a website which targets the industry across Texas, but he has content on the 3 counties (out of the 250+ in Texas) which are of interest to him.  The ability to embed videos, link out to town government websites, and make phone numbers able to be clicked on mobile phones may increase the odds of making his phone ring
  • A garage door repair professional based in Frisco knows the potential for good money to be made in the business, both in terms of repair as well as repairs and parts.  To start to compete favorably in the search engines, with a site started from scratch, he had to be mobile-friendly as well as gain authority.  His audience, especially for repairs, is a “reactive” audience instead of a “proactive” one.  It is difficult to “get ahead” of his competitors with lower cost advertising since few homeowners look up garage door inspections or tune-ups before there is a problem.  To help his SEO, and therefore help his phone to ring more, he needs to provide tips which don’t cannibalize his skills by teaching others how to do everything themselves.  Once he finds such tips (e.g. basic overview videos from his manufacturers) he then is starting to provide those tips as updates on his site.  He then will syndicate that content via Twitter and a few other outlets to gain some possible social media shares and 1-2 real world phone calls.
  • This real estate investor wants to gain more calls from people looking to sell their homes quickly across DFW.  He added town-specific pages and will generate more town-specific content such as reviews, case studies and resources specific to that town for those looking to move quickly or sell a property fast if the website visitor is an out-of-town owner.
  • In order to generate more moving help (loading/unloading of rental trucks) business, this Prosper business owner created a basic site on the GoDaddy platform.  Nothing special about this site, but he just wants calls quickly.  By adding all of the towns he serves at the bottom of the page it increases the odds of his being able to reach people in those towns roughly up to 40 miles around his location as long as those towns are in Texas.
  • This concrete contractor serving Fort Worth and the Mid-Cities not only listed his services, but added service-specific pages with more information. Some of this information is text-based and some is video-based.  He wanted to go beyond the “decorative” aspect of his concrete business and generate more traditional and commercial business such as asphalt removal, sidewalk repair, and retaining wall installation.  He was able to generate more calls by adding these pages and then sharing the service-specific pages via RSS feeds, social media, classified ads and some pay-per-click (optimized to reduce any per-click surcharges)
  • In order to gain more chiropractic business from nearby Plano, a North Dallas chiropractor had a second site built purely optimized for chiropractic content.  He embedded the RSS news feed from the American Chiropractic Association, added Schema and hCard markup language, and creates monthly posts designed to boost awareness of authoritative information about chiropractic.  This is a supplement to his primary website, but it can help reach people who otherwise wouldn’t know he exists in the nearby city of nearly 300,000 people.
  • This RV park in South San Antonio needs more phone calls for long-term (extended) stays.  He took the time to offer current and prospective patrons some quality information about nearby tourist attractions.  Linking out to authority sites can help his SEO efforts as well as get possible social shares of the main attractions page or those dedicated to a specific tourist attraction.  Hopefully this leads to more phone calls in the upcoming weeks.

As you can tell there are several actions which can be taken on and off the website to help increase the odds of generating new business either from the search engines, shared content, paid advertising, classified ads or other online methods.  Please contact us with your questions about how we can help your website reach the same objectives.